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I wish I could show you who I am, but let me first tell you. I am an intelligent, sweet, introvert who loves the finer things (and people) in life. I grew up outside of NYC, and have a graduate degree as of recently.I love good conversation, and my most amazing moments have been one-on-one sharing thoughts and ideas with total honesty. This space truly allows me to be my best self, to give the most of myself, and benefit from your company.

You are probably more perceptive than most, and you are here seeking something more.  I hope to leave every encounter energized and happy, and to do the same for you.  As far as the physical, the compliments that I hear most often are my soft skin, beautiful smile, and my radiant blue eyes. I wish I could share more of myself in photos, but I am extremely private.  I have a warm face, as well as disposition, and there is nothing pretentious about me (ok, other than the designer clothes, I am indeed a bit pretentious in that department). But alas, the body is an art form, and you have to treat it accordingly.

So, how did I end up here, you ask? Mainly it’s my need for  connection, sense of adventure, and immense love of life’s pleasures. This reciprocity with charming, brilliant, and affectionate people brings brightness into what can sometime be a monotonous world. Let’s brighten one another’s lives, even if for a moment!  Specifically, I’m into art (both creating and observing), pilates, skiing, and snorkeling).  And most importantly, always on the look out for something new to learn… I’m extremely open-minded. 

If it sounds like we’d be a good fit, please reach out, as I like to establish an email rapport before meeting.

Venture On!

Whitney Belle